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Landyachtz Releases New Hawgs Tracer Wheel

Landyachtz released their newest wheel recently called Hawgs Tracers. What's so special? They. Dump. Thane. So much, in fact, that it might as well be chalk, because these wheels will show you your every slide, every time. They're centerset and come in 4 different colors: green, orange, yellow, pink, and teal. In fact, since these wheels only come in 78a duro urethane (did we mention they DUMP thane?) at 67mm in height, you can mix and match colors to your heart's content. The only question remains: since they dump thane, won't they core quickly? Answer: yes, yes they will. So is it worth it? Well for $39 a set, it's a bit pricey since they may only last you one or two hardcore sessions. It's up to you if it's worth painting your favorite hills for just under $40. Check out the wheels here.

Hump Day Bails

Happy hump day, here's some bails from S1 Helmets.

Best Moments from the 2015 Burton European Open

Big pipe, big jumps, big air, big spins.

The competition in Laax for the 2015 Burton European Open presented by MINI really heated up this year. Even with some snowy conditions, the aloha vibes were strong from both the riders and spectators alike. If you weren’t able to catch the live webcast, here's a compilation of all of the top highlights from the entire week.

Best of Flat Land Tricks

No rails or jumps? Well, fun can be had anyway...

Louis Pilloni Raw Run (Skate House Media)

This is a pretty crazy video. Louis Pilloni, one of the most favored riders in the longboarding world and member of Skate House Media, bombs a gigantic mountain road with extreme steez, throwing in freeriding moves and handling several turns in switch. This guy really has some extreme talent. This video is a ridiculous 14 minute long raw run, so you better grab some popcorn for this one.

Skate House Media had this to say about this incredible run:

Read more: Louis Pilloni Raw Run (Skate House Media)

Longboarding is the Spees Knees

A new edit from Orginal Skateboards. Sean Spees comin in with another solid edit and a few fresh tricks. He's rippin on an Arbiter 36 and a few sneak peaks of the KT Arbiter 36 (coming this summer!)

ABEC 11: Longboarding Chaos Is My Life! with Levi Green & Derek Smith

Here's what we call late night skate porn! Enjoy Chaos Is My Life! with Levi Green and a Guest Appearance by Derek Smith!

Sean Spees: Longboarding San Francisco Sunset

New Original Skateboards team addition Sean Spees enjoys the bay areas finest on the Arbiter 36 topmount. Thanks fly out to Sean and renaissance Camera / Editor Aviel Hod of Splash Productions for contributing their edit to the OS channel.

Sean shreds with; Original, Cult, Black Diamond Sports, PNL and Riot Boardsports.
Music; Metric - Breathing Underwater