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Vans Bowl-A-Rama 2013

The Vans Bowl-A-Rama is back in full perpetual force!  The New Zealand-based competition brings about some of the best vert skaters in the world to skate and thrash their way to victory.

The world's best bowl skaters descended on Wellingtons iconic Waitangi Park in New Zealand, competing in one of the most prestigious skate events of the year, Vans Bowl-A-Rama.

Torstein Horgmo Snowboard Big Air Course Preview - Winter X Games

One of the newest members of the GoPro family, Torstein Horgmo stomps a back 1080 double cork and switchback 1080 double cork in his Big Air Course Preview at the Winter X Games 2013 in Aspen.

Petter Reinem: Longboard Freedom

Original Skateboards shared an edit of one of their tough riders who can take fall after fall.

What's virtual tech freeride supremacy without the will to fail and get back up, a saracastic sense of humor, a love of freedom, and a passion for satire? The longboard world may never know.

Snowboarding w/ Team Austria - Red Bull Shr3d 2013

Check out Team Austria's action clip from the 2013 edition of Red Bull Shr3d. Riders Philip Toplitsch, Alois Lindmoser, and Marc Swoboda gathered the footage during three days of shredding at Kitzsteinhorn in Salzburg, Austria.


This piece is a wonderfuly photographic view of the streets of LA as skater Austyn Gillette seemingly flies through the city around him. It is an excellent demonstration of the essence of street skating.

QUIK is a collaboration between and Quiksilver. It's a film shot exclusively on the sidewalks and streets of Los Angeles giving an unprecedented look into the world of street skating. Captured entirely from a moving vehicle, the film follows Austyn Gillette as he skates through the neighborhoods of LA's historic east-side and downtown at top speed.

Watch behind the scenes footage here

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GoPro: Shaun White Snowboard Pipe Course Preview - Winter X Games 2013 Aspen

Get into Shaun White's head during this Pipe Course Preview at the Winter X Games 2013 in Aspen. Congratulations on the sixth win, Shaun!

Longboarder Wanted By South African Police for DH Run

Skateboarder Decio Lourenco's popularity is soaring thanks to his starring role in a YouTube video that shows him hurtling down a steep mountain road at 68 mph to set off a speed camera. Now the cops in South Africa are after Lourenco for what presumably amounts to reckless driving.

"We've handed over the matter to traffic officials and want him arrested," JP Smith, the Cape Town official in charge of safety and security, told Reuters on Thursday. "The speed limit is irrelevant. He is seen careening down the road in a reckless and dangerous manner."

The video, titled, "Spoofing the Traffic Camera--Longboarding without Limits," has garnered more than 212,000 views since it was uploaded on Jan. 26.

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Getting Lost With Ian Sams Episode 1

The Arbor Collective just dropped a teaser of their rider Ian Sams hitting some rails.  Sams shows off his urban style of riding using elements found around town, including a bridge and a stair set at a school. 

"Ian Sams is always somewhere. Somewhere is anywhere really... In his head, rolling up, and dropping in all qualify. We generally see him crushing it in Bear Mountain's Sunday In The Park episodes, but this year, Sams is lost. We took him out of his element and on the road with friends to film for a full length video part dropping Fall 2013. In this episode, Erik Leon joins the crew for a week of Montana mayhem and shredding in the middle of nowhere. Let it roll!"